Artículo firmado por Joan Sanfélix Albelda y Anastasia Téllez Infantes. Publicado en Masculinities & Social Change, volumen 10, nº1 (2021):

Masculinity and Privileges: Acknowledge as a Potencial Articulator of Change

Joan Sanfélix Albelda, Anastasia Téllez Infantes


The article that is presented next analyse discursively the perception that men have about their advantage situation or privilege (the patriarchal dividends in words of Raewyn Connell, 1995) as a man and in a domination system such as patriarchy (in its current times). It is thought from the theory and from an empiric approach how privilege is denied or recognised using different mechanisms of social research through that can emerge some form of recognition of it. In other words, how we can tackle the complexity of this object from a technic-methodologic point of view and what kind of tools is offering us socio-anthropology, such as the biographic interviews for instance, as this technique facilitate the generation of a communicative situation where particular implicit forms of privilege recognition could appear discursively. The analysis also focuses in how it could facilitate a breaking principle with the traditional model of masculinity characteristic of hegemonic ideological representations of gender, facilitating in this way the construction of alternative masculinities more equalitarian


masculinity, privilege, patriarchy, biographic interviews
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